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HMAS Canberra (take 2) and J4 Sub

Monday, January 9th, 2012
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Another (long!) day of diving on Saturday, I spent the whole day from early morning to late evening with MUUC. We were out with only one boat and people with varying skill levels, so there ended up being quite a few boat trips and dives for different skill levels.

My first dive of the day was a return visit to HMAS Canberra. This time around I was there with a slightly larger group of divers (five total for my group). Conditions were quite nice and surge inside the ship was pretty minimal. We ended up doing quite a few penetrations and spent quite a bit of time inside the wreck. Again we ended the dive at the ship’s bridge followed by some time around the deck structures. As a nice bonus right as we were exiting the wreck a huge school of fish was just passing over us.

During this dive I also did one of the worst rookie mistakes of my diver career. While entering water from the boat I had forgotten to put my dry gloves on. I did end up with some sea water inside my drysuit, and while there was no real risk (I was right next to the boat), it was still quite annoying (and cold!) to spend the rest of the day in a not-so-dry drysuit.

To make my life easier I was only shooting video during this dive. After these two visits I probably have enough material for a short Canberra video. Some of the raw material isn’t that good, but there are definitely some pretty nice sections. Now all I need is some free time to edit the video together…

Second dive of the day was a visit to the J4 Sub at 26 meters with Alex and Gael. While not as impressive wreck as Canberra, it was still a very nice dive. Unfortunately, the surge inside the submarine was quite heavy, so we ended up just peeking inside but didn’t do a proper penetration. After few rounds around the submarine we headed back up.

All in all, a long but also very rewarding day of diving.

HMAS Canberra

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012
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There’s currently a heatwave in Melbourne with temperatures rising up to 40 degrees. Luckily weather will be back to something bit more reasonable starting tomorrow. Anyway, as the weather was so hot, we decided to open the diving year early and went diving yesterday (2nd January). Monday was a public holiday here in Victoria, so we ended up with quite a few people. We cast off our boats at Queenscliff.

We were using both the MUUC boats, I was on the big boat which visited some slightly more advanced sites while the small boat went for sites suitable for OWD divers. The first dive of the day and the definite highlight was HMAS Canberra. This 138 m long warship was scuttled in 2009 as an artificial reef for divers. It lays in a upright position with the bottom at around 28 m.

The dive was superb, the wreck is quite easy to penetrate (the ship was specifically prepared for diving after all) and we ended up making several visits inside. After the trips through the hallways, our last stop was at the ship’s bridge. There’s a lot of stuff to see down there, hopefully I have a chance to visit the wreck again. I did bring my camera along, but my main focus was definitely on the dive itself, not photography. Some doorways were bit cramped anyway, so my strobes were pulled in for the majority of the dive.

For the second dive of the day we visited Portsea Backbeach wall. Decent enough dive, there was a pretty good wall with corals and kelps. There are quite a few crayfish in the area, but we only ended up seeing one. We also got a surprise visit from a lone seal.

Apparently I had my lens set to manual focus (I don’t have a focus ring), so most of the photos ended up bit blurry. I had to switch lenses in a hurry just before leaving from the shore and I didn’t notice the issue until after the dives. Not a big deal for me anyway as the main focus of the day was on diving itself. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to visit Canberra again soon to take some better photos.

All in all, an excellent way to open up the new diving year!

Gallery changes

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Recently I started using Adobe Lightroom for managing my photos. With a Gallery3 plugin I can also use Lightroom for publishing web galleries. As I never had a chance to migrate my older galleries to Gallery3, I decided it was easiest to start from scratch and redo all my galleries in a bit more organized fashion. This time around I also kept everything in English apart from some existing photo names and tags. I also did quite a bit of work to get all the published photos tagged properly.

I have already uploaded all my diving photos, including photos from several more recent dives in Finland and more photos from my trip to Marsa Alam in January. The more important events like the Ice Diver course will get their own post someday soon. I’ll start working on other photo galleries once I have all the diving stuff sorted out.

And finally, Google decided that Google Video content will stay available after all. However, as Youtube provides better video quality these days, I will be transfering all the more interesting material there anyway. Our video projects, Höpötti, Raid – Puhdistus and Raid 2 – Waren Herra are already available on Youtube.

Google Video closing and Gallery status update

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

Google Video stopped accepting new uploads around two years ago and now they are closing down for good. I still have several videos only available on Google Video, I will be transfering them to Youtube someday soon. This is probably something I should have done long ago, Youtube’s video quality and other features are perfectly fine these days.

I have also updated my Gallery3 installation to a new version (3.0.1). There are still lots of older photo galleries missing, I’ll be updating them as I have time and correct all the photo links on the site once I’m done.

Diving Trip to Marsa Alam

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

Last week I was on a diving trip to Tondoba Bay, Marsa Alam in Egypt with Maria. Sixteen total dives, a nice house reef, an impressive wreck, few sharks, several turtles and a cool dolphin. I have now uploaded the first batch of photos to the gallery. There are also a few short videos on Youtube, including videos of a dolphin, a guitar sharka large barracuda, our divemaster holding a small reef shark and a turtle. Later I will upload more photos and put together some longer videos.

Weekend dives

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

Last weekend I was diving with Osmo in Asikkala and Heinola, I did a total of three dives. Conditions were bit extreme for wetsuit diving, water was 5-6°C and air was around zero. In addition, it was also snowing. 🙂 I had Osmo’s camera with me on all the dives and I managed to grab a few photos and some nice videos. Photos for the dives in Heinolanvirta and Uitto can be found in the gallery, included in this post is one of the videos. My backlog of raw diving video material is growing at an alarming rate, I really need to get some of it edited and published soon.

Jellyfish in Matosaari

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Last weekend I was diving with Maria off the coast of Matosaari here in Helsinki. Visibility was pretty poor and we didn’t find the wreck we were looking for, but we saw a few jellyfish and I managed to catch one of them on my camera. I also took a few photos at the surface both the day we were diving and the week before when I was scouting out the place.

Dive in Porkkala

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Yesterday we were diving in Porkkala. I had my Powershot D10 with me and took some videos underwater and few photos on the surface. Unfortunately, visibility was rather poor at the bottom. A few photos from the dive can be found in the gallery.

Dive in Karinsalmi

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Yesterday we were diving in Karinsalmi, Pulkkilanharju in lake Päijänne. Lots of junk in the bottom, including a sunken boat and an alien. This was my first time using Osmo’s camera underwater and the current was pretty strong too in the bottom, so the video ended up little jerky. Some photos from the dive in the gallery.

Dive in Tornionsalmi around Virtosaari

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Last tuesday we were diving in Tornionsalmi and Osmo had his camera with him for a change. Short video from the dive is available on Youtube and some photos can be found in the gallery. The dive itself wasn’t particularly interested, just lots of fish and plant life.