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Ruler beta 0.140 soon

Tuesday, April 24th, 2001

The new beta (0.140) should have been out already, but some new features required a lot more work than intended, and I decided to finish them before releasing the beta. Some of the planet textures still require little work (and I have to do it myself, our artist is too busy with school) and the new Planet Listing routines became quite complicated as well. Anyways, the next beta will be out before the weekend, and after that I can start working on the bug fixes and missing features still needed before ROG is ready for a public beta release.

3D planets

Wednesday, April 18th, 2001

The planet pictures are now being rendered in real-time 3D, and even though it’s not perfect yet, the new system is FAR superior to the old one which used pre-rendered frames. (it’s very smooth and a lot easier to work with too) The performance loss is also quite minimal on any modern system, even though the initialization of Direct3D slows down the startup a bit. I’m going to release the next version quite soon, but first there’s some work to be done with the planet textures, because some of them require little modifications before they can be used with the new system. Our artist is also working on higher resolution textures, but they won’t be added in until later. Unfortunately, because of this new direction in development, I haven’t been able to work with the core engine very much, so the public beta will be somewhat postponed. Anyway, it will be released as soon as possible, which will most likely mean sometime in May.


Tuesday, April 17th, 2001

I have recently been busy studying DirectX8 SDK, and even though this has temporarily slowed down the development of ROG, the results are sure to be worth it. The work on real-time rendering of planet pictures is progressing nicely, and I’m also reconsidering the possibility of 3D galaxies. This will most likely get a little mixed reception though, so I would be most happy to receive some feedback on this feature. Please either email your feedback to me or use the feedback form. Or even better, post it on the ROG Discussion Forum, where others can see and comment your ideas as well.

In other news, I have added the Tourism link, it takes you to the homepage of our cottage which we are renting. The page is in Finnish though, so if you are interested and want further details, email me.


Wednesday, April 11th, 2001

I have started some preliminary studies on the implementation of DirectX routines, and even though they aren’t likely to make their way into the game for a while, they will be added at some point. Using DirectX should give a very nice performance boost, and there should also be some much more impressive eyecandy. Unfortunately there is also bound to be some compatibility issues, but hopefully they can be kept to a minimum.

Also, some new links have been added to the Links section.

Ruler delays

Monday, April 9th, 2001

Work on ROG has been pretty slow lately, and I have been quite busy both in real life and in the computer world. I’m hoping to get things back to full swing as soon as possible, but at least for a week or so, things will remain somewhat sluggish. Luckily, our artist is back working on the project, so you should see some new graphics and most of the missing toolbar buttons in the next release. I’ve run into little problems with the rendering of the planet pictures, but I’m still hoping to get them ready for the next release as well.

And just a little reminder, my old email address and the old homepage are gone for good now. (you can still access the old homepage at least for now though), so make sure you have updated your links and address books.