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Cast is finally off and snorkeling at Point Gellibrand

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

I finally had the cast removed last Friday, it feels really good to be able to use the hand and arm again! Even if the mobility is still quite limited after having the forearm stuck in the cast for six weeks. But at least things are slowly but surely improving and I’m following a series of exercises I got from my physiotherapist.

And obviously I can get wet again, time to get back to water! Unfortunately the dives we had planned for the last weekend didn’t pan out. Due to last minute storm warning we had to call off the dives on Sunday. I was obviously quite distraught by this but there’s little you can do when the weather turns for the worse.

Unfortunately the poor weather has continued during this week as well. ANZAC day (a public holiday) on Wednesday would have been a great opportunity for some middle of the week dives. Unfortunately it just kept raining, so we simply had a pleasant (and long) ANZAC day lunch at Joey’s place with quite a few people from the club.

Luckily weather improved a little bit for Wednesday. It was still rather windy but it wasn’t raining anymore so I picked my camera and drysuit (water’s getting pretty cool 🙁 )and headed off to Williamstown for some snorkeling. I knew a few potential sites in the area and in the end decided to give Point Gellibrand a go.

The site was fairly well protected from the heavy winds and there was some decent bits of reef in the area. It was also really shallow, I guess it would get deeper further out from the shore. With all the heavy rain visibility was rather poor but not a total disaster. Not the best snorkeling I have done but still very nice to get in the water again, even if it wasn’t a proper dive.

Unfortunately I paid a heavy price for the snorkel a day later. With all the flooding from rains the water must have been contaminated with all sorts of nasty stuff. On Friday afternoon I started feeling little bit ill and by the time I got home I was feeling pretty horrible. I spent several hours in my bed feeling absolutely terrible. Luckily by Saturday morning I was feeling quite fine again. It must have food poisoning from the dirty sea water I gulped during the snorkeling trip. At least I learnt my lesson, no more snorkeling or swimming close to the city after heavy rain!

Site Updates

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

Things have been little quiet lately with settling down in a new place in Melbourne and waiting for my arm to heal. But there’s still stuff happening in the background.

First of all I have been working on some site updates. I finally got around to doing proper troubleshooting with the broken Gallery installation and it appears that the problems are with my web host after all. A clean install didn’t fix the issue, so I am at the moment stuck waiting for the hosting company to get their act together and find out what in their configuration is causing the problem. I have also been trying out some other web galleries to keep my options open. I have found some really nice galleries but none so far that support the full feature set I require.

I have also been working on integrating my Online Divelog with the WordPress blog. Things are progressing nicely and I already have most of the building blocks in place. In a few weeks I should have the implementation ready for public use, it’s already looking quite nice so stay tuned!

And finally, my cast should finally come off on Friday after six weeks of general annoyance. It will be really nice to have my arm free again!