Ruler of the Galaxy put on hold

With my studies consuming most of my time, I simply don’t have the time to work on ROG anymore. In addition, I do feel that ROG lacksĀ the features to distinguish itself from other recent high quality games of the genre. (and even more so with the ‘looming’ release of MOO3) As such, I have decided that ROG project in its current form should come to an end. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m simply going to trash all the work spent on the it, quite the opposite. I’m already planning an online-only space strategy game incorporating many of the elements found in ROG. All the actual code will be rewritten from the scratch however, and most likely in some other programming language than Visual Basic.

And then some initial information about this new project: (I’m currently referring to it as Ruler of the Galaxy Online, but that may well yet change) It will be online only with (almost) everything played out in real-time with huge persistent galaxies. It will have features that balance out things between super-advanced races and those who have only recently discovered FTL travel. (i.e.. newbie players) Since the project is still deep in the planning stages and it will be a while before any actual coding is done, I’m not going into more details yet. However, I’m going to update this homepage with more details someday soon, so please check back later.

And last but not least, I have decided to release one more build of the original ROG as a public release. It’s by no means feature complete or bug free, but it’s a nice demonstration of the current state of the game. Unfortunately it will also be the last version of ROG released (unless there are some bugs catastrophic bugs) and it will be a while before Ruler Online will be ready to enter testing stages.

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