The site update is progressing well, the project has grown bit larger than originally intended, but I’m finally starting to wrap things up.

I have switched over to WordPress publishing platform for news. This means commenting support, easier searching, categories for posts and RSS feeds. And for me, easier site updates. WordPress is used only for news, the rest of the site is still static content (apart from the photo gallery).

Using the news archives, some old backups and the Wayback Machine, I have reconstructed most of the news posts between 2001 and 2009. Unfortunately, I did not originally archive any news posts and I could not find the original site (located under www.dlc.fi) on the Wayback Machine either, so posts from site launch in 1997 to early 2001 are missing. Some minor editing was done to older news posts to make them fit the new site format and I have also either updated or removed broken links.

Finally, Coppermine photo gallery is now integrated with the rest of the site. The integration is bit of a hack, but it should work without any major issues. The forums don’t use the site layout yet, but since they are more or less dead anyway, I might not update them.

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