Gallery changes

Recently I started using Adobe Lightroom for managing my photos. With a Gallery3 plugin I can also use Lightroom for publishing web galleries. As I never had a chance to migrate my older galleries to Gallery3, I decided it was easiest to start from scratch and redo all my galleries in a bit more organized fashion. This time around I also kept everything in English apart from some existing photo names and tags. I also did quite a bit of work to get all the published photos tagged properly.

I have already uploaded all my diving photos, including photos from several more recent dives in Finland and more photos from my trip to Marsa Alam in January. The more important events like the Ice Diver course will get their own post someday soon. I’ll start working on other photo galleries once I have all the diving stuff sorted out.

And finally, Google decided that Google Video content will stay available after all. However, as Youtube provides better video quality these days, I will be transfering all the more interesting material there anyway. Our video projects, Höpötti, Raid – Puhdistus and Raid 2 – Waren Herra are already available on Youtube.

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  1. Carley says:

    I just found your site from blog-hopping from Siddoegan.clm. It looks like my timing couldn’t have better. Can’t wait to see what’s in store with the new site. Looks like I have some catching up to do too!

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