Canon 15-85mm

With the addition of Tokina 10-17 Fisheye to my kit my lens needs underwater are pretty well served now. However, my lens collection was still lacking a good general purpose walk-around lens. I have been using the 550D kit lens (Canon 18-55mm II) for this purpose. While it’s a pretty good for a kit lens, after using some higher end lenses (particularly the super-sharp Canon 60mm macro), the short-comings of the lens have become pretty annoying.

After some consideration and research, I ended up buying a used Canon 15-85mm IS USM. It’s quite expensive for a non-L lens, but at I least found a pretty good deal on Ebay. Haven’t had much chance to play with the lens yet, but so far I’m pretty happy with the purchase. The lens is a lot sharper than the kit lens and the autofocus is just superb. It also has a very useful focal range of 15-85mm which covers most normal photography needs. The only real downsides are the variable aperture (3.5-5.6) and the fact that it’s little heavy on the 550D body.

My lens collection (excluding the 18-55mm kit lens which will now end up on Ebay) is now as follows:

While none of them are L-lenses, all of them (with the possible exception of 70-300mm) have good or even great image quality. With my latest acquisition I feel that my kit is in pretty good shape and these four lenses cover almost all typical photography needs. Only thing missing is a really fast lens for low light shots, but I’m happy to live without that one for now.

Of course, you never know when photography bug bites again and you end up replacing all your lenses with L-variants…

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