Site Updates

Things have been little quiet lately with settling down in a new place in Melbourne and waiting for my arm to heal. But there’s still stuff happening in the background.

First of all I have been working on some site updates. I finally got around to doing proper troubleshooting with the broken Gallery installation and it appears that the problems are with my web host after all. A clean install didn’t fix the issue, so I am at the moment stuck waiting for the hosting company to get their act together and find out what in their configuration is causing the problem. I have also been trying out some other web galleries to keep my options open. I have found some really nice galleries but none so far that support the full feature set I require.

I have also been working on integrating my Online Divelog with the WordPress blog. Things are progressing nicely and I already have most of the building blocks in place. In a few weeks I should have the implementation ready for public use, it’s already looking quite nice so stay tuned!

And finally, my cast should finally come off on Friday after six weeks of general annoyance. It will be really nice to have my arm free again!

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