Eye of the Dragon

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Despite the windy weather we decided to take the boat out last Sunday for some easy dives to make sure everything was now working ok. Sadly, as we got the boat in the water we quickly found out the service guys had still not fixed the problem with the engine. At that point we had some disappointed (and quite frankly bit angry) divers. There was not much we could, however. With the strong winds and the risk of our engine stalling we decided to do some shore dives instead and drove over to Flinders, one of the few spots well-enough protected for a good dive.

While generally quite protected, Flinders can still be little unpredictable. Luckily this time around the conditions were nice enough and visibility was quite decent as well. I ended up doing two dives, first one with Melanie and Trenton and the second one with just Melanie. It’s nice to have new dive club members who don’t mind the cold water!

Lots of weedy seadragons around as usual, not as much as on some dives but still enough to keep things interesting. Before the dives Evan challenged me to try to take a shot of a seadragon’s eye. I didn’t quite manage, the seadragons have a nasty tendency to turn away from the camera. Some of my shots ended up quite nicely anyway, even if my hunt for a perfect seadragon shot continues. Apart from seadragons there were several cowfish and pufferfish around, but nothing too specials. And the place was crowded with divers, too! With the conditions inside the Bay fairly unpleasant it felt like most of the divers had had the same idea as us and headed to Flinders for some sheltered diving. There were lots of divers around, it was actually more crowded than on most summer days!

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