Agincourt Reef on Poseidon

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Despite my badly burned back I didn’t want to skip dives I had booked for Tuesday, particularly since I had already paid for them. Besides, I was feeling fine otherwise in the morning so I figured it would be safe if painful to dive. I didn’t even bother trying a wetsuit on, water was warm enough for just a t-shirt. Besides, putting a wetsuit on with the blisters on my back didn’t really seem like a good idea.

We headed out to the reef on the dive boat Poseidon, a reasonably short ride as Port Douglas is lot closer to Great Barrier Reef than Cairns. It was a fairly big boat and in addition to us divers we had lots of snorkelers aboard. The boat was also lot more crowded than the liveaboards, but to be honest that was only a real problem on the sundeck.

The diving was well-organized if little rushed, we were diving on a strict schedule and following a guide at all times. But I guess that’s pretty normal on day boats catering mainly for tourists. At least the groups were reasonably small and as our boat was the only one in the area things never got too crowded underwater. Still, guided dives are definitely not my favorite kind of diving and they are usually not that great for photography either. There were some great reefs and lots of smaller fish, but unfortunately all the larger marine animals were absent.

I did three dives on the trip, enjoyable enough dives even if not quite as spectacular as the better liveaboard dives or SS Yongala. The back was giving me quite a bit of pain, but it was bearable. On the surface having the gear on was extremely painful, thankfully once I got into water things got lot more pleasant. It was not something I’d do regularly for fun, but at least I was able to enjoy the dives.

The only thing I disliked was all the touching of the marine life by the dive guides. They seemed to stick to critters where it was safe, but it still felt quite annoying when they were playing around with the critters and making some of us divers pose for shots too. And obviously those shots were for sale on the boat after the dive, definitely a practice I found quite questionable.

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