North Stradbroke Island

To finish up the Queensland trip I decided to visit the North Stradbroke Island. This world’s second largest sand island is a short ferry trip away from Brisbane and offers some nice scenery and walks.

Despite a minor cold I decided to do a really long walk on the island. This was bit of a necessity anyway, many of the interesting areas and walking tracks are quite far apart and reaching them by foot takes a while. Still, I figured a good 35 km day hike would take me from one end of the island to another, about half of the walk was on roads anyway so that sounded feasible. I actually ended up covering slightly over 40 km during the day, but I still got to Point Lookout and all the interesting stuff there just as sunset was getting close. It would have been even more spectacular during sunrise, but Point Lookout and the Gorge walk was still an awesome way to finish up the walk before catching a bus back to the other side of the island and the ferry terminal.

I visited couple of freshwater lakes along the way, both Brown and Blue Lake are nice swimming spots and I did a short snorkel in Blue Lake. After that things got little tricky, I was following a 4WD track which was pretty much covered in water in many parts. Most of the time I was able to go around them, but a few times I was forced to get my feet wet. Still, it was worth the effort. This road lead to the area called Keyholes, a series of pretty small lakes.

After that I got to the other coast and walked quite a while along the beach towards Point Lookout. Point Lookout is popular whale watching spot. No whales were in sight, but the North Gorge was still an awesome sight with the water rushing in and out. It did remind me of a certain accident earlier this year, however.

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