Back in Melbourne

After five weeks in warm and sunny Queensland it feels good to be back in Melbourne! Even if it’s rainy and cold here. 🙂

The flight back from Brisbane went smoothly enough, the only slightly worrisome incident was during the security check when the guards spent quite a while going through my hand luggage. Admittedly, with all the camera gear and other stuff there it must have taken a while to check everything out properly. And the worrisome part was getting “heavy bag” written on my boarding pass by the guard, luckily Jetstar personnel happily ignored it when I was boarding the plane. Maybe next time I put little more stuff in checked luggage, I didn’t get a chance to weight the hand luggage but there was absolutely no way it was within the 10 kg limit!

Apart from that minor scare my stay in Brisbane after getting back from Stradbroke Island was uneventful. All the walking on the island didn’t do my cold any favors so I spent my last full day in Brisbane mainly resting and doing some research for the upcoming New Zealand trip in the library.

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