Getting lost at Blairgowrie

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After a few weeks of no diving we finally got people together on Tuesday for a night dive under Blairgowrie Pier. Conditions were not really the best, visibility was quite low and often you couldn’t even see the next set of pylons. With the added distraction from a fairly strong current navigation was quite tricky and we ended up getting lost a few times.

Dean (who was just pier-sitting for us) had lot of fun following our torches and watching us wander around from the pier.I was diving with Clark and I think we got lost a total of three times during a 55 minute dive! Some of the others fared a little better but everyone out of the three buddy groups got lost at least once during the dive. Quite an achievement on a pier dive!

Despite the less than stellar conditions there was fair bit of stuff to see and luckily I had my macro lens on. Highlights of our dive included a big fiddler ray and several pretty dumpling squids.

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