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After the Queensland trip and the Deep Cavern course I finally had a chance to do some diving with MUUC too. Boat was going out on Sunday and things looked pretty good on the surface. Unfortunately when we got down on our first dive at Castle Rock conditions were horrible. Visibility was probably the poorest I have seen on a boat dive here in Victoria (maybe around two meters) and there was pretty strong surge too. After a reasonably short dive we decided to call it as diving in conditions like that was fairly pointless. Even shooting macro didn’t save the dive as whenever I focused on a shot for more than few moments Luke was already out of my sight.

Luckily we had a really nice surprise during the boat ride back to Queenscliff. We ran into a small pod of dolphins which hung out with our boat for a while. Crystal and Luke even jumped in, I didn’t have it quite so in a drysuit. In the end they didn’t get a proper swim with the dolphins either, Luke lost one of his fins and by the time we recovered the dolphins had already gotten bored. Still, dolphin encounters are always very cool, even just from the boat!

Luckily the conditions on our second dive were more pleasant. This time around we were doing a slack dive at Lonsdale Wall. There was some current but the visibility was lot better than on the first one. Unfortunately Evan had grabbed an used tank from the car so he had to bail out early and for most of the dive it was just Crystal, Emily and me.

It was nice to finally dive with my friends in MUUC again. And the dolphins and the second dive easily made up for the lackluster Castle Rock.

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