Happy New Year 2013!

New Year’s Eve was a great day to head out to the beach. We ended up visiting Black Rock, perhaps the best snorkeling spot near Melbourne. We found a really nice reefy area with decent amount of fish and some stingrays. But Black Rock isn’t just about the underwater environment as the coastal cliffs and the Red Bluff in particular provide a great backdrop scenery.

After a few hours on the beach we headed back to the Abbotsford house and started getting ready for the main event of the day: the fireworks. The family works at 9:30pm were visibly from the upstairs window and surprisingly nice. For the midnight fireworks we headed to the banks of Yarra river. The city was totally packed with people, luckily we started out early and got fairly decent spots near the riverbank.

From our vantage point we had a good view of the city skyline and many of the fireworks launch sites. For photos it wasn’t really the best spot, I only have a fairly small travel tripod and nearby people kept blocking many of the shots. But that wasn’t the main point anyway, simply enjoying the fireworks themselves and the beginning of the year 2013.

2012 was a great year for me with the obvious exception of my injury in March. Hopefully 2013 turns out even better!

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