Snorkeling Ricketts Point and Mordialloc Pier

I had a couple of snorkeling/diving spots I had planned to check out for quite a while. With the great weather on Saturday I finally had my chance.

I started out with Ricketts Point marine sanctuary┬áin Beaumaris. I have done some walking along the coast in the area before but never got around swimming or snorkeling. There’s no direct public transpot option to Ricketts Point so getting there involved some walking. But it wasn’t a bad day to be out and about, just a tad hot.

I started out from Watkins Bay between Ricketts Point itself and Table Rock Point. I first headed towards Table Rock, an interesting coastal rock formation. There was a pretty good reef there in the shallows with good growth and decent fish life. I also spotted a couple of stingrays there. After exploring Table Rock Point I headed back towards Ricketts Point. The reef was very shallow and not quite as nice as on the other side.

There’s supposedly some deeper reefs in the area as well, but I didn’t find any. All the reefs I found were shallow and only suitable for snorkeling, really. Still, I only covered a fairly small part of the marine sanctuary, there seems to be plenty to do in the area. Definitely worth a return visit at some point even if the nearby Black Rock has slightly better snorkeling.

After Rickett’s Point marine sanctuary I moved on to Mordialloc Pier. This must be one of the easiest snorkeling or diving spots to reach with public transport around Melbourne. It’s just a few hundred meters from the train station to the beach and the pier. On a great day like this the beach was busy but still not too crowded.

I started out following the pier itself. Close to the shore the visibility was somewhat poor but as I got bit further out and to deeper water the conditions improved. I still had to be somewhat careful as there were some fishermen on the pier and couple of kids dive-bombing as well.

The pier was quite interesting, there lots of shells, fanworms and seastars on the pylons and near them. There were also several schools of fish swimming around, most of them were juveniles but there were some bigger fish around too. I also spotted a lone seahorse on the bottom, a nice surprise.

After the pier I also checked out the nearby reef. Unfortunately it was somewhat disappointing, there were some bigger fish around but otherwise not much to see. I also ran into a group of kids snorkeling around with spearguns, bit of a negative experience for me.

The pier itself would likely make a fairly decent dive as well on high tide. Nice option for a night dive or just a quick dive in general close to the city.

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