Flinders Pier and Portsea Pier

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After Saturday’s snorkeling it was time for some proper diving on Sunday. Our original plan was to start at Mornington Pier, but it was really busy there with several shops running dive courses there. After talking with some guys and hearing that visibility was poor as well we decided to move on. We had a quick look at the nearby Point Linley as well. However, after some contemplation we decided to leave a dive there for another day and drove to Flinders instead.

This was a very sensible choice as this was perhaps the best dive I have done at Flinders Pier. The tide was fairly low (and getting lower) but everything else about the dive worked out great. There was an excellent variety of life down there and no current and minimal waves. Visibility was better than usual, too.

In addition to the normal seadragons and schools of fish there were also several huge smooth rays swimming around. They were really calm too, just hovering there right next to us for several minutes. The largest must have had a wingspan of well over two meters, a close contender for the biggest stingray I have ever seen. Crystal also found a sleeping cuttlefish for us, another nice surprise.

I had decided to keep my macro lens on for the dive. This was obviously no good for the big stingrays. Luckily there was lots of smaller life there too. I finally nailed a great closeup of a seadragon. There were also a couple of schools of very small fish that looked like some kind of glass fish. With some good luck I was able to shoot one really nice closeup of the school.

After the excellent dive at Flinders Portsea Pier was a pretty big disappointment. We were diving reasonably close to slack tide but the current was still really strong. At times it felt almost like a drift dive and swimming back against the current was no fun at all. In addition visibility was quite poor as well with lots of particles in the water.

Obviously this wasn’t too great for photography either. I still managed a few decent fish shots, but nothing too special.

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