Rye Pier (including Elsa’s Reef) and Mornington Pier

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After a cool and cloudy Tuesday weather was back to warm and (mostly) sunny on Wednesday. Luckily one of our fresh members Nathan was keen to do a middle of the week dive to get bit more practice in the water. While we have been spared the most extreme temperatures during this most recent heatwave in Melbourne, I still welcomed the chance to get wet again.

It didn’t actually look that nice when we started driving towards Mornington Peninsula, it was cloudy and the sun was nowhere in sight. It looked like it might even start raining at some point. Luckily by the time we got to our first dive spot at Rye Pier weather was clearing up again and rest of the day was sunny and pleasant.

While diving the Rye Pier I also wanted to check out Elsa’s Reef. This (unofficial) artificial reef is a recent addition to the site and easily found by following the signs at the end of the main pier. It must have taken quite a bit of effort to construct, there’s lots of different stuff down there! There’s a big metal structure there that should make an excellent habitat for marine life in a few years to come. Already the fish had adopted the site.

There’s also a mirror down there for self-portraits and of course the titular Elsa the (Sea) Lion. It was a cool dive even if it took us a while to get Nathan’s weighting sorted out.

After Rye we started heading back towards Melbourne and stopped in Mornington for another dive. We had already visited Mornington last weekend but gave it a pass back then as it was really busy and apparently really silty too from all the divers in the water. This time there were no other divers around but the place was still rather silty and murky.

Particularly in the beginning the visibility was terrible and there were lots of fishermen on the pier too, so we had to be careful when looking for some clearer water. Luckily things improved a little bit once we got the deeper water around the second outer section of the pier.

It was still rather murky but at least there were some big schools of fish swimming around. I also saw one truly massive boarfish swimming around, sadly I didn’t manage to get a shot of it. Still, it was by no means a great dive. After swimming around for a while we did a little bit of skill practice with Nathan and finished up the dive.

From past experience I know Mornington can be decent dive when the visibility is ok. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of those times, even if it wasn’t a total disaster by no means either.

All in all we were both still quite happy with how the day turned out. It was not the most successful day for photography but it was still good to get in the water and Nathan definitely benefited from the practice dives.

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