Poor diving weather

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After returning from Portland the weather remained pretty poor for the most part. Still, I was keen to get at least some diving done so we got down to Bellarine Peninsula.

We started out at the Cottage by the Sea near the Heads. I was keen to finally check out this interesting shore dive that’s quite different from the usual piers. Unfortunately, the rains and flood water from the rivers had had their toll. The visibility was really poor and Dean and I managed to lose each other a couple of times. There was a fair bit of swell as well making entry and exit a real pain and also making the conditions underwater quite surgy. Still, the dive wasn’t a total loss; we did found some nice reef sections and I also saw my first eagle ray while we were heading back to the shore.

After the Cottage we moved to St Leonards. This is one of my favorite pier dives and usually an excellent spot for macro photography. Unfortunately the visibility was even worse there than at the Cottage by the Sea. With barely one meter visibility I really struggled to keep Dean in sight. Whenever I stopped to take a photo I ran a pretty high risk of losing him.

After a while we decided to give up, it simply wasn’t worth the effort. At this point Dean was also getting pretty cold in his wetsuit. As you can imagine these dives didn’t really yield any decent photos.

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