Williamstown Snorkeling

With more great weather this week and with the winter closing in I decided to take full advantage of the conditions. While I can snorkel all year around with my drysuit it’s obviously lot nicer without any of the extra gear.

So after considering a few different options I ended up heading to Williamstown. I had been snorkeling there once before shortly after I had my cast taken off last year. That trip didn’t end so well, with all the pollutants in the water after heavy rains I ended up with a nasty case of food poisoning. Luckily this trip went without any incidents and water was fairly clear too (considering how close Williamstown is to the city).

I started out at Point Gellibrand again. This site is very shallow early on but gets more interesting further out. I was hoping for calm conditions but unfortunately it was just windy enough that macro photography close to the surface was quite tricky. I still managed a few decent shots but even the small waves made things pretty annoying.

There wasn’t that much interesting marine life down there so I was mainly focusing on some more abstract closeups. But then I got pretty lucky as I ran into a blue-ringed octopus. This was bit of a surprise as they are normally only active at night. I managed a few shots but then the octopus crawled into a hole out of sight. Bit of a shame, I would have preferred more time with him. By then I was getting bit cool already so I started making my way back towards the coast.

One snorkel obviously wasn’t enough for the day. So I moved on to Williamstown Beach and the breakwater there. After spending some time in the sun to warm up properly I geared up again and hopped in.

The breakwater is actually a pretty nice snorkeling site. The rocky bottom falls quite quickly to  2-3 meters with some shallower areas. There were also a decent number of juvenile fish around, including a few larger schools. Unfortunately the fish kept swimming away from me so I was again mostly taking abstract shots. It didn’t take that long to cover the breakwater itself and some surrounding areas and eventually I got back out of the water.

This was a pretty good snorkeling trips even if the sites were not quite as nice as some of the better areas on the other side of the Bay near Black Rock and Ricketts Point. I still have few spots I want to check out before winter storms set in so hopefully the weather will stay this nice for a little longer!

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