Updated Dive Log

I have been working on a new version of my dive log for quite a while. After a few aborted prototypes I have finally come up with a version I’m reasonably happy with. The new dive log is running as a WordPress plugin so it’s fully integrated with the rest of the site unlike the old log. The current version is still somewhat bare bones but it should cover all of the most important functionality. Still there’s fair bit of work to do, including adding missing information and photos to the individual dives.

I’m particularly happy with the new dive site map.  The map utilizes the excellent Basic Google Maps Placemarks plugin. The map marker clustering is very convenient for displaying the dive sites around the world.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adding some more features to the plugin and also doing some polishing work.

Unfortunately there’s one more pressing issue that needs to be resolved first. You may have noticed that I haven’t posted any photos in a while and there’s a good reason for this. I’m currently having some annoying issues with the Lightroom export plugin I use to upload my photos to the online gallery. While I now have a decent general idea what’s causing the issue, fixing the problem is not straightforward and may take quite a bit of debugging. I’ll try to get this resolved ASAP and start uploading my photo backlog that includes several shore dives in April/May and another trip to Mt Gambier in the beginning of May.

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