entry_raid2Film Projects

Between the years 2002 and 2008 we worked on several short film projects. These were done on a minimal budget, all the acting, filming and editing was done by a small group of friends. We did build some props for the films but most of the weapons and other items seen in the films were just something we already had in hand. The projects were intended for the wild demo competition of the Assembly Demo Party. Our early efforts were not very successful and never qualified for the competition.

Our last film project was Raid 2, a far more ambitious (and bit more professional) production. It was originally intended for Assembly 2004 party, but after endless delays it was finally finished during Spring 2008. Raid 2 was released just for fun as by this point it was impossible to fit the full video within the competition time limits.


entry_oldSoftware Projects

Along the years I have worked on numerous software from simple games to complex scientific software. Here I have included some personal projects that have been of particular importance to me along the years.


Ironcrown EnterprisesRolemaster and HARP material

I’m a big fan of traditional roleplaying games. While I have dabbled with some Cyperpunk 2020, most of my gaming was done with Ironcrown Enterprises fantasy systems. I started out with Lord of the Rings (LoR), moved on to Middle Earth Roleplaying (MERP) and finally to Rolemaster (RM). After a break of several years, I recently started planning a new campaign with ICE’s latest game system, High-Adventure Roleplaying (HARP). Along the years, I have created a huge amount of RPG related material. Unfortunately, most of this only exists on paper. However, I do have some material available for download.
More… Iron Crown Enterprises

entry_sukupuuTornio Family Tree

Digital version of the Tornio family tree based on the data collected by Rakel Kuronen. The primary goal of the project was to get the genealogy data in digital format, and while the end result could have used little more visual polish, I am happy enough with the results. Data is stored in a simple MySQL database and Javascript and some CSS tricks are used to create the frontend. End result is a pretty effective way for displaying tree-based information using mainly HTML and CSS. Javascript was used quite heavily for the (non-public) editing interface and Google Graph API for displaying the database statistics.