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This map shows the locations of most of the sites I have dived so far. The list contains over 100 sites in Finland, Egypt, Australia, and New Zealand. Sites where I only had a very rough idea about the coordinates have been simply omitted. Complete list is available here.

Shore dive locations should be reasonably accurate. Many of the boat dive coordinates are only rough estimates or based on unreliable sources and should not be used for navigation. When diving in a new area always familiarize yourself with local conditions and seek local advice if possible.

Good sources for dive sites in Finland are sukellus.info for general diving and hylyt.net for wrecks. Both are only available in Finnish.

For Australia diveoz is a good starting point. Dive site listings can be found under Info Directories divided by state. Further information can often be found on the diveoz forums.

Academy of Scuba and Victorian Sub Aqua Group have fairly comprehensive dive site listings for the Melbourne region. For the sinkholes and caves in Mt Gambier (and elsewhere in Australia) see Cave Divers Association of Australia.